Saber Walks History

The concept of a Community “Saber Walk” started in Phoenix, Arizona back in 2015. As excitement for the sequel trilogy began to build, a Saber Walks group was created on Facebook to encourage fans in cities across the world to host fun, informal “strolls” outdoors with lightsabers. This was open to participants of all ages and levels of fandom — in both cosplay and street clothes.

Our Fan Group Saber Walks

In 2015, our Star Wars Enthusiasts of Houston Fan Group began hosting these fun Saber Walks here in the Houston region. We were one of the first fan groups to join in and have been doing so ever since. Our Fan Group has hosted a variety of outdoor and indoor Saber Walks since 2015, ranging from groups of 20 fans to 200 fans. We’ve also expanded our SWEH Saber Walks with specific queues & commands for the mega Saber Walks we lead on convention floors. These are fun, all-ages, inclusive gatherings which bring fans together! It’s exciting to participate one and equally exciting to watch!

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*Disclaimer: Participation in Saber Walks or any other Star Wars Enthusiasts of Houston event involving Lightsabers, Cosplay and/or dueling is always at your own risk. SWEH Fan Group is not responsible for any injuries or accidents which may result from participation, nor are we responsible for any damage to lightsabers or costumes. By participating, you agree to hold harmless the SWEH Fan Group, the venue and venue management where event or convention is taking place, event organizers and volunteers of any and all incidents.*