Who We Are:

Star Wars Enthusiasts of Houston takes pride in being an inclusive and diverse Fan Group Community here in the nation’s 4th largest city – Houston, Texas. We welcome all fans!

What We Do:

Our volunteer-run Fan Group hosts year-round activities and fosters a positive, supportive fan community through these objectives:

  • Organizing friendly Fan Gatherings & meetups to bring fans together
  • Supporting Charitable Causes which include our semiannual #FeedTheForce Hunger Relief Food Drives, the Star Wars Reads Youth Literacy campaign, the Challenge Air for Kids program, our #ProjectCare initiatives and Blood Drives
  • Hosting Cosplay Events, fun Photo Shoots & Fan Booths at local conventions
  • Leading Saber Walks and Lightsaber Gatherings at various events year-round
  • Creating an inclusive & supportive Fan Community for all ages and all levels of Star Wars fandom in our region
  • Collaborating on Projects and joining forces with other community groups & fandoms when possible
  • Connecting fans through our interactive Fan Group Forum on Facebook & Discord
  • Celebrating Star Wars Fandom and our love of the entire Star Wars genre

When We Were Founded:

Our Star Wars Enthusiasts of Houston Fan Group was established in October of 2013. We started as a group on Meetup.com and eventually moved to Facebook and Twitter in 2015. Shortly thereafter, we added our Instagram platform and our website. We now have a Discord platform as well.

Our Leadership Crew:

  • Kristen (Founder)
  • Cassian
  • Heather
  • Jeremy
  • Misty
  • Erich
  • Giovanni
  • Sammy
  • Amber (honorary)

Our Fan Group Forum Moderators:

  • Tesha
  • Noor-Hal
  • Jyn
  • Marcie
  • Brad
  • Tosh

Important Disclaimer:

The Star Wars Enthusiasts of Houston Fan Group is strictly for fun and is NOT affiliated with, or a representative of, Lucasfilm Ltd., Walt Disney Studios or their subsidiaries. This volunteer-run fan community supports the charity work of local nonprofit organizations, themed cosplay for fun and friendly social gatherings for fans & enthusiasts of the Star Wars genre. Our goal is to bring fans together and create a positive, inclusive & diverse fan community which shares a love of all things Star Wars. No copyright infringement is ever implied nor intended by mention of, or reference to, “Star Wars”, the genre terminology or the like. 

We also support the work of our friends in the other Houston region groups like the Rebel Legion, Mando Mercs, the 501st, Droid Builders and the Imperial Outlanders to name a few. Some of our Fan Group members are members of these costume groups as well. After all, we are stronger together!

Join Us!